ekslen Smart Early Education Learning Robot With Voice Recognization Imitation Story Teller Nursery rhyme novel gift for kids

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ekslen Smart Early Education Robot With Voice Recognization Story Teller Nursery rhyme novel gift for kids babys
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Robot support only English speaking. 
What can the Robot do?
1. To Sing song by voice command  - it sings when you say - sing me a song
2. To Tell story by voice command  - it do it when you say - tell me a story 
3. Make sound of various animals & vehicles   - just imagine: dad/mom sitting on sofa and use phone to control the robot to make sounds and ask the baby to guess what it is... 
4. Recation on touching its body   - just imagine: a 2~3 years baby touch it and robot talk and shake its body
5. Talking / Chatting - just imagine: it will answer you when you say hello, how are you? where are you from? 
6. A teacher of English, Math, Cognition, Logics. - by using APP in phone, father, mother and kids can make robot to speak out English, numbers, even play quiz and practice. It is a funny teacher! 
7. Enjoy the fun of raising a pet - lots of humburg, fruit, drinking are 
8. Imitation (like Tom cat) - kids love it crazy! robot keep repeat in a funny tone what it hear
9. For current version, voice recognition support 15 wordings as below - 
How are you
Sing me a song
You are lovely
Happy britherday
Tell me a story
Nice to meet you
Dance for me
What's your name
How old are you
Where are you from
I love you
Can you swim
What do you want to eat
Kiss me

The robot works in below 4 modes -
1. Talking mode -
Just switch the knob to the icon of microphone, it works in talking mode. You could speak any of below questions/ command, it responses. Hello  /  How are you  /  Sing me a song   /  You are lovely  /  Happy britherday  /  Tell me a story  /  Nice to meet you  /  Dance for me  /   What's your name  /  How old are you  /  Where are you from /  I love you  /  Can you swim  /  What do you want to eat  /  Kiss me

2. Imitation mode -
In Talking mode, long-press the left button in front, it goes into imitation mode. Works like Tom Cat, it repeats any wordings in a funny and fast way.

3. Smart phone mode -
Switch the knob to the icon of smart phone (rectangle shape). It works in smart phone mode. Use APP in smartphone to command robot to teach / practice English, maths, cognition, logics; enjoy the fun of feeding pet;

4. Find friend mode-
2 robots in Smart phone mode, long press the right button in front on either one of the 2 robots. Then the 2 robots will study, sing, recite together. 

5. Stories / Songs playback
Built in memory around 6GB for uses to downlown any stories / songs fit with their kids. User can download the files from PC/Laptop through USB data cable connected to USB port at bottom of robot. 
How to play the downloaded stories/ songs? 
Steps as below - 
a. In talking mode, short press the left button to enter "download" mode. 
b. Short press the 2 middle buttons to select songs.
c. Short press the right rutton to play or pause. 
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