FMCB Card v1.953 free McBoot for Sony PS2 Playstation2 8MB/16MB/32MB/64MB memory card OPL MC boot

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FMCB Card v1.953 free McBoot for Sony PS2 Playstation2 8MB/16MB/32MB/64MB memory card OPL MC boot


    New original 8MB / 16MB / 32MB / 64MB FMCB Memory card, I just install the FMCB, never used .

    No need other installation, Just plug in to your console.

    No region limited, compatible with all console except MODEL SCPH-9XXXX with 230 BIOS

How the FMCB works?

PS2 model












SPCH-9xxxx(230 BIOS below)



Note: This product is not compatible with spch-90008

Include softwares:

OPENPS2Loader 0.9.3 [OPL v0.9.3]
Open PS2Loader (OPL) is an application designed to allow you to play your backup games from an Internal HDD, a connected USB disk or USB Hard disk.
HDLoader 0.8c
HDloader allow you to play backup games from an Internal HDD
Code Break v9.92
The CodeBreaker is an accessorythat alters a video game's code, giving the user various cheats and other advantages.
ulaunchELF v4.4.2d
uLaunchELF also known as uLE (abbreviated) is an open source file manager and executable launcher for the PS-2 console based off of the original LaunchELF. It contains many different features, including a text editor, hard drive manager, as well as network support, and much more.
SMS (Sample Media System)
Using this program you can view multimedia files including DIVX, AVI, XVID, MPEG, MP3, etc … on your PS-2 console.
USB Advance
If you want use USB disk or USB HDD to play games, USB Advance will be a good choose
GSM v0.38
GSM intends to make on-the-fly conversion from the original graphic mode of games (or application) choosen by user, to the ones he/she wants to force.
ESR beta r9b( Launch Disc)
ESR is a homebrew app made specifically to work with FMCB to allow you to play backup DVD discs without the need to swap. You will have to patch the ISO before buring to disc. CD backups are not supported.
PS2infoGB (GameBoy Emulator)(Only 32MB 64MB with this)
PS2InfoGB is a GameBo emulator for the Playstation2. Recommand using the USB storage to placed your ROMS.
PS2FCEUltra 0.9.3 (NES emulator)(Only 32MB 64MB with this)
a NES emulator, support playing games on usb,mc,and hdd. More information please visit the website
PGEN v1.5.1 (Genesis/Mega Drive emulator)(Only 32MB 64MB with this)
PGEN is a Genesis/Mega Drive emulator which allows you to run your favorite roms directly from the hard drive (which can also be run from a memory card and USB).
SNES-Station(Only 32MB 64MB with this)
SNES-Station is a SuperNintendo/SuperFamicom emulator for the Playstation 2. For the extreme newbs, that means you can play your Super Nintendo games on your PS2 by using ROMs placed on the CDROM, USB, MC, and HDD.


1. What is the OPL ? what can I do with OPL ?

      Open PS2Loader (OPL) is an application designed to allow you to play your backup games from an Internal HDD, a connected USB disk or USB Hard disk.

2. How to burn backup games into internal IDE HDD ?

The internal HDD is the normal 3.5 IDE HDD
If you have SPCH-3xxxx or SPCH-5xxxx, congratulations !  With the Network Adapter , you can use the FMCB OPL to play backup games which burned in the IDE HDD. The games run fast and smoothly. But how burn games Frist you need the IDE to USB2.0 converter Cable  to connect your IDE HDD to PC, Then use the PC  Software WinHIIP to burn PS2Games into your IDE hdd.

If you need IDE HDD with Full of games, please click this.

3. How to burn backup games into USB disk or USB Hard disk ?

Step 1:
Format your usb disk
Plug your usb disk to console and also plug the FMCB, open the software USBAdvace witch has been installed in your FMCB, and choose the usb device yand click the format button on the right side of the screen. 
Step 2:
Burn games into your usb disk which has been formatted.
open USBAHD_GameInstall.exe (you can get it from google) and chose the iso games and burn it to your usb disk. 
Step 3: 
Replug you usb disk to your console and use the USBAdvance or OPL to play gaems.

If you want to know anything about video game console hack/jailbreak stuff, you can contact me, I will tell what I know.

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Brand Name
Model Number
Free McBoot / FMCB
8MB / 16MB / 32MB / 64MB
Compatible Brand/Model
SONY Model
How to use
No need other installation, just plug in to console.

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